DIY Kit Only




You can preserve your very own breastmilk at home with our DIY Kit! Creating your own breastmilk jewellry is an even more special and unique experience!

The DIY kit contains:

  • Magic Powder to preserve breastmilk
  • Solvent A
  • Solvent B
  • Gloves, measuring cup and spatule
  • Instructions

If you want to use your DIY kit with one of our ring, pendant or earrings setting you can also order them in the “Extras” section.

With this kit you can also preserve hair, fur, umbilical cord stump, placenta, cremains, etc

If you choose to add the pearl capsule, the kit will not include the solvents because the preserved breastmilk is poured directly into the capsule.

In all the other options, each kit brings enough solvents to make, at least, 2 pieces.

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